us20080035344a1 - delayed polyacrylamide-co-aluminum

US20080035344A1 - Delayed polyacrylamide-co-aluminum

A delayed gelling system useful in conformance control in the production of petroleum from subterranean formations is disclosed. The gelling system comprises an acidic aqueous solution of acid-soluble or cationic polyacrylamide, an at least partially neutralized acid aluminum salt, an activator comprising a hydroxyl donor, and an optional gel modifier.

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ep2946070a4 - nanogels for delayed gelation - google patents

EP2946070A4 - Nanogels for delayed gelation - Google Patents

US20080035344A1 (en) * 2006-08-07: 2008-02-14: Nadir Odeh: Delayed polyacrylamide-co-aluminum hydroxyl chloride gel WO2008079855A2 (en) 2006-12-21: 2008-07-03: Shell Oil Company: Enhanced oil recovery systems and consumer products containing secondary alcohol derivatives CN101680288A (en

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cn104178098a - high-strength gel profile control

CN104178098A - High-strength gel profile control

The invention relates to the technical field of gel profile control and plugging agents used in oil exploitation and provides a high-strength gel profile control and plugging agent as well as a preparation method and an application method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: respectively weighing 0.5-10 parts by weight of polyacrylamide, 0.05-0.5 part by weight of

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cn104327435a - 聚阳离子颗粒凝胶及其制备方法 - google patents

CN104327435A - 聚阳离子颗粒凝胶及其制备方法 - Google Patents

CN104327435A CN201410446254.6A CN201410446254A CN104327435A CN 104327435 A CN104327435 A CN 104327435A CN 201410446254 A CN201410446254 A CN 201410446254A CN 104327435 A CN104327435 A CN 104327435A Authority CN China Prior art keywords parts water particulated gel polycation acrylamide Prior art date 2014-09-04 Application number CN201410446254.6A

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ep2297217a4 - hydrophilic interpenetrating polymer

EP2297217A4 - Hydrophilic interpenetrating polymer

EP2297217A4 EP09795084.4A EP09795084A EP2297217A4 EP 2297217 A4 EP2297217 A4 EP 2297217A4 EP 09795084 A EP09795084 A EP 09795084A EP 2297217 A4 EP2297217 A4 EP 2297217A4 Authority EP European Patent Office Prior art keywords hydrophobic polymers interpenetrating polymer polymer networks networks derived hydrophilic interpenetrating

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cn104311733a - 一种保粘聚合物及其制备方法 - google patents

CN104311733A - 一种保粘聚合物及其制备方法 - Google Patents

CN104311733A CN201410594245.1A CN201410594245A CN104311733A CN 104311733 A CN104311733 A CN 104311733A CN 201410594245 A CN201410594245 A CN 201410594245A CN 104311733 A CN104311733 A CN 104311733A Authority CN China Prior art keywords parts viscosity acrylamide initiator logical nitrogen Prior art date 2014-10-30 Application number CN201410594245.1A

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cn104017135a - 微生物多糖改性共聚物凝胶堵剂的制备方法

CN104017135A - 微生物多糖改性共聚物凝胶堵剂的制备方法


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transcriptional regulatory network triggered by oxidative

Transcriptional regulatory network triggered by oxidative

Background. The transcriptional regulatory network involved in low temperature response leading to acclimation has been established in Arabidopsis.In japonica rice, which can only withstand transient exposure to milder cold stress (10°C), an oxidative-mediated network has been proposed to play a key role in configuring early responses and short-term defenses.

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