PAM preparation methods and dosage

Preparation method

The use of PAM form 0.1-0.2% aqueous solution, the use of tap water preparation, configuration must pay attention to is to PAM uniform, dispersed in the constantly stirring water, and to ensure that the water is dispersed when the individual particles do not form Otherwise, once the formation of large particles will be difficult to continue the dissolution of the formation of a large group of water-containing drugs. Preparation to fully stir, to dissolve. Dubbed solution easily hydrolyzed, should be used in the day.


Sewage or sludge to join the effective mixing after the PAM, the mixing time is generally 10-30 seconds, generally not more than 2 minutes. PAM specific use and sewage or sludge in the colloid, suspended solids concentration, nature and processing equipment, etc. have a great relationship, the amount of sewage treatment is generally within the 3-10PPM, both per ton of water by adding 3 -10 g, when the amount of sludge to be more, the best amount to be obtained through a large number of experiments. According to the optimum dosage concentration (PPM1 to add polyacrylamide concentration) and the influent flow (t / h) and the concentration of polyacrylamide solution (PPM2 preparation of polyacrylamide concentration), can be calculated dosing pump The displayed value on the meter (LPM).


1. Preparation of liquid in strict accordance with the operating procedures and instructions for use;

2. debris may not be mixed with liquid, so as not to plug the dosing pump, flow meter, etc.;

3. According to the amount of water and issued a dosing agent notice, to adjust the dosage, to achieve the best treatment results.