New Type PAC with Ferric Iron Polyaluminum Ferric Chloride

Product appearance:  

Yellow powder

Product use: 

Widely used in purification of drinking water, urban water supply and industrial water supply, especially effective for quality of low temperature, low turbidity and high algae-laden water.

New Type PAC with Ferric Iron Polyaluminum Ferric Chloride Method of Use: 

Solid products should be dissolved and diluted before input. The best input volume can be confirmed by testing and preparing agent concentration based on different water qualities.

1. Solid product: 2-20%.

2. Solid product input volume: 1-15g/t.

Specific input volume should be subject to flocculation tests and experiments.


Polyaluminum Ferric Chloride Specification:

Name of indicator:

Product standard



Basicity %

40 ~ 90

Density (20ºC)/(g/cm3) ≥

Water insoluble % ≤


PH value (10g/L aqueous solution)

3.5 ~ 5.0

Ferric iron (Fe3+)  %

1.8 ~ 2.5

As % ≤


Pb % ≤


Cd % ≤


Hg % ≤


Cr6+ % ≤


Note: indicators of As, Pb, Cd, Hg and Cr6+ insoluble of liquid products listed in the above table should be calculated by Al2O310%. When Al2O3 content is ≥10%, indicators of impurities should be calculated by converting the actual content to Al2O310% product proportion.