how to control polyacrylamide viscosity - sinofloc chemical

How to Control Polyacrylamide Viscosity - Sinofloc Chemical

How to Control Polyacrylamide Viscosity The viscosity of polyacrylamide aqueous solution is influenced by the solution viscosity, ph value, shear rate and the relative molecular polymer. Polyacrylamide solution viscosity and concentration are similar to the logarithmic relationship.

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c贸mo controlar la viscosidad de - sinofloc chemical

C贸mo controlar la viscosidad de - Sinofloc Chemical C贸mo controlar la viscosidad de poliacrilamida La viscosidad de la soluci贸n acuosa de poliacrilamida est谩 influenciada por la viscosidad de la soluci贸n, el valor de ph, la velocidad de cizallamiento y el pol铆mero molecular relativo.

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como controlar a viscosidade da - sinofloc chemical

Como controlar a viscosidade da - Sinofloc Chemical Como controlar a viscosidade da poliacrilamida A viscosidade da solu莽茫o aquosa de poliacrilamida 茅 influenciada pela viscosidade da solu莽茫o, valor de ph, taxa de cisalhamento e o pol铆mero molecular relativo.

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sinofloc polyacrylamide used as oil - sinofloc chemical

Sinofloc Polyacrylamide Used As Oil - Sinofloc Chemical

Sinofloc polyacrylamide flocculants has good performance in thickening, flocculation, and fluid rheology modifiers, which is widely used in drilling, plugging, water acidification, fracturing, wash well, completion, drag reduction, scale and drive oil. Currently many oil fields have entered the field of secondary, tertiary recovery, reservoir depth of 1000m above generally in some reservoir

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sinofloc polyacrylamide flocculants for water treatment

Sinofloc Polyacrylamide Flocculants for Water Treatment

For these purposes water-soluble high-molecular compounds among which the most widespread and universal are polyacrylamide flocculants are used. As a result of their application the efficiency of removal of heavy metals is increased by 95%, compounds of phosphorus 鈥?by more than 90%, suspensions - by more than80%, organic substances - by more

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water treatment - sinofloc chemical

Water Treatment - Sinofloc Chemical

SINOFLOC range of flocculants and coagulants could be used in the chemical process in sewage treatment to remove these contaminants and produce environmentally safe treated wastewater. SINOFLOC flocculants are also effective as a settlement aid in the treatment of the primary sewage after conditioning with an inorganic coagulant.

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sinofloc's polyacrylamide (pam) application in oilfields

Sinofloc's Polyacrylamide (PAM) Application in Oilfields

Polyacrylamide (PAM) is not only a high-performance flocculants, but also a very good thickener because of the high viscosity. Due to its thickening, flocculation and regulation of rheological properties, PAM could be used as a variety of additives, such as drilling fluids, fracturing fluids, and additives in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).The key point to get the best performance of

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sinofloc chemical - pam polyacrylamide & flocculants

Sinofloc Chemical - PAM Polyacrylamide & Flocculants

SINOFLOC manufactures and supplies a portfolio of polyacrylamide which is widely used in various fields including Oil & Gas, Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment, Mining, Paper Making and Sugar industries. In addition of polyacrylamide, we also offer polydadmac, polyamine and decoloring agent for the industries we serve.

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