chemical industry wastewater treatment | springerlink

Chemical industry wastewater treatment | SpringerLink

Chemical treatment using lime aided with ferric chloride proved to be effective and produced an effluent characteristics in compliance with Egyptian permissible limits. With respect to the other factory, industrial wastewater was mixed with domestic wastewater in order to lower the organic load.

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water treatment companies and suppliers in belgium (water

Water Treatment Companies and Suppliers in Belgium (Water

Aquaturbo Systems, Inc. It is one of the world`s leading designers and manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment for industrial and municipal markets. The corporate headquarters is based in Halle, Belgium with manufacturing plants at Halle and also Springdale, Arkansas, USA.

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wastewater treatment companies and suppliers in belgium

wastewater treatment Companies and Suppliers in Belgium

BioKube is Biological cleaning of Wastewater. The BioKube Biological Wastewater Treatment System is designed for biological treatment of household (domestic) sewage water. We clean `grey water´ water coming from the kitchen and bath and we also in the same system clean `black water´ coming from the

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industrial wastewater treatment methods - morselt

Industrial wastewater treatment methods - Morselt

Industrial wastewater treatment methods - Morselt. Electrocoagulation and Electroflotation is used by Morselt Borne B.V. to treat industrial wastewater. Pollutions like heavy metals such as copper zinc lead chromium nickel mercury as well as emulsions, oil , ink and paint will be removed from the water. Deutsch.

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physico-chemical treatment -

Physico-chemical treatment -

Physico-chemical treatment Landfills Specialised services Physicochemical treatment creates sludge and wastewater. The sludge is dewatered in filter presses and subsequently transported to the landfill. Belgium t +32 3 568 49 11

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treatment of wastewater from petroleum industry: current

Treatment of wastewater from petroleum industry: current

Petroleum industry is one of the fastest growing industries, and it significantly contributes to economic growth in developing countries like India. The wastewater from a petroleum industry consist a wide variety of pollutants like petroleum hydrocarbons, mercaptans, oil and grease, phenol, ammonia, sulfide, and other organic compounds.

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