septic tanks | wastewater treatment plants - biocell water

Septic Tanks | Wastewater Treatment Plants - Biocell Water

Why Buy From Us? Our treatment plants are manufactured to strict ISO Quality and Environmental Standards including EN12566-3 and SR66.Our range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems are approved by all County Councils, the UK environment agency, British Water, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and meet the UK 2020 Septic Tank Regulations.

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products - septic tanks | wastewater treatment plants for sale

Products - Septic Tanks | Wastewater Treatment Plants for Sale

You will find a comprehensive range of wastewater treatment solutions, treatment plants and products at Biocell. We manufacture our products to strict factory production control ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and ISO/TS16949:2009.Our product certifications, EN12566-1, EN12566-3 and SR66, are issued by leading independent test facilities including PIA GmbH in Aachen, TOUO, CERIB and MFPA.

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domestic wastewater treatment - biocell water

Domestic Wastewater Treatment - Biocell Water

The Best Value for Money Home Sewage Treatment. Biocell Water domestic septic tanks and mini wastewater treatment plants cost less than any of our competitors because we continue to invest in developing the most effective domestic wastewater treatment technology.Biocell home sewage systems not only reach high effluent standards more efficiently than standard home septic systems but they also

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pumping stations for sewage and wastewater - biocell water

Pumping Stations for Sewage and Wastewater - Biocell Water

Sewage Pumping Solutions Suppliers. Biocell Water offers a complete range of sewage pumps and pumping stations for all types of wastewater. Our pumping solutions include raw sewage pumps, effluent pumps, and stormwater pumps. Sewage pumps transport wastewater from domestic or commercial premises to another location such as a mains sewer, a percolation area, or a septic tank/treatment plant.

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biocell - drainstore

Biocell - Drainstore

We offer a range of drainage products to the UK, including Biocell and accessories - also provides nationwide installation.

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domestic concrete wastewater treatment plant | biocell water

Domestic Concrete Wastewater Treatment Plant | Biocell Water

The Recommended Concrete Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Biocell Domestic Concrete+ is one of the most popular domestic wastewater treatment plants at Biocell Water. This impressive home sewage treatment system combines a reinforced concrete septic tank with a three-stage treatment process into one single domestic packaged plant.

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wastewater treatment for nursing homes | biocell water

Wastewater Treatment for Nursing Homes | Biocell Water

Many nursing homes and care homes are located outside of urban areas, and are not connected to the main public sewer. They must treat their wastewater onsite by using off mains drainage solutions, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Care homes typically produce higher volumes of wastewater per person than other applications.

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waste water supplies - no. 1 online supplies of waste

Waste Water Supplies - NO. 1 Online Supplies Of Waste

Waste Water Supplies are the largest independent suppliers of septic tanks, sewage treatment plants & waste water systems in the United Kingdom. We are a preferred supplier for a number of key manufacturers such as; Klargester, Clearwater, Conder, Premier Tech Aqua, WPL, Tricel, Matrix, Marsh Industries and Biorock

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waste water treatment plant products for sale

waste water treatment plant products for sale

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems - Gainey's Concrete. Home Products Water & Wastewater Treatment Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems The Gainey model extended aeration sewer treatment system is a top of the line community sewerage system for housing developments from as small as 5 homes to as large as 500 (up to 200,000GPD).

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filterpod sewage treatment plants - podtanks

FilterPod Sewage Treatment Plants - PODTANKS

All wastewater treatment plants do a similar job (though some produce cleaner effluent than others) but it is how they do their job that makes the difference. The FilterPod® filtration technology for wastewater treatment is in direct alignment with the World Health Organization’s current recommendations for addressing the global water crisis.

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eco septic tank — bcma

Eco Septic Tank — BCMA

Septic Tanks – Domestic Wastewater Products | Septic Tanks Off-Grid Waste - Completely Green The amazing help of aerators - Udkoenyku's blog Septic tank, cesspit and dry compost toilet biological enzyme Xtreme Eco Septic Tank Additive – Xtreme Eco

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gold treatment plants for sale - main street properties

gold treatment plants for sale - Main Street Properties

Biocell Water provide quality septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants at competitive prices. Click to view a wide range of cost effective options.

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drain care | septic tank waste systems | waste water

Drain care | Septic tank waste systems | Waste water

Septic tank waste systems are connected to traditional waste water drain systems on your property or house. AJ’s and drain inspection chambers will be found a various points outside your house on the pathways to allow drain cleaning access (for rod cleaning of drains and drain cleaning jetting).

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vortex eco wastewater treatment plant - septic tanks uk

VORTEX ECO Wastewater Treatment Plant - Septic Tanks UK

VORTEX ECO Wastewater Treatment Plant The acclaimed VORTEX™ Eco Electric sewage treatment plant is the most advanced system in the UK. Much cheaper to run than all non-electric treatment plants. It is the only fully adjustable sewage treatment plant in the UK, ideal for low occupancy situations, which cause massive problems for most treatment

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the most advanced concrete plant compact sewage treatment

The most advanced concrete plant compact sewage treatment

Concrete Batching Plants and Equipment - MEKA Concrete Plants. BIOROCK Sewage / Waste water treatment plants. BIOROCK offers a complete range of compact package waste water treatment plants, denominated in "up to" 4, 5, 6, 10, 15 and 30 person systems. Our units can be combined to cater for larger projects (MULTIROCK Systems).

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